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"The Package"
 I just had to write to you about the "Bills Eight Levers Padlock", Bill, etc. Right after lunch Bill remarked that he might hear from you today as to whether the fellow who owned the "Bills Eight Levers Padlock" was willing to make a trade. Then later he went out to the mail box and came in saying he had something from Mike. He opened the box and after reading the note thought you'd made a mistake as he hadn't sent anything to you for repair. Then when he opened the bubble wrap I do believe the roof of the Connelly condo raised a bit...........He was SO surprised and elated........he turned into a babbling old man! "Oh my gosh!, Oh my gosh! What's he done? He told me he'd get back to me today, but I got this package! I never thought I'd have one! Do you know I've never seen one on ebay?! I'd have to look forever to find one of these!" And on, and on. It truly was like that.........his babbling and his hands shaking. "I have to call Mike", and when he picked up the phone he couldn't punch the right buttons so I did it for him. A little hard for me to see because I had tears in my eyes at seeing him so overjoyed. He left a message for you that I think was fairly understandable and he plans on calling you again later when he can talk with you. Gradually his feet touched the floor again, and he immediately wanted a picture taken. I did that and am attaching it. Ever since the photo, every once in awhile he tells me all those same things over again. And he keeps adding, "Oh, I owe Mike big time",  "whatever he wants." I surely agree with him. You did such a wonderful and generous thing. Bless you for making my old Bill so thrilled and elated! When Bill heard that this lock existed He asked me to make him some more "business cards" with the "Bills 8 Lever Padlock" on the back of it, and underneath it says "Looking for this one". Now I think I'll have him take the cards and handwrite on the back "I GOT IT!"

Madelyn Connelly ... June 2009

William "Bill" Connelly holding the "Bills 8 Levers"
This padlock was made by Mike Pitman